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What You Get With Your Subscription:
Project List
After logging in, users will be able to see a PROJECT LISTS of jobs bidding throughout the five regions of Texas. The PROJECT LIST contains information that includes the actual title of the project as named by the plan issuer, the bid date and time; location of the project and whether or not the projects has bidding documents attached, including addenda.
If there are Addenda associated with this project, click on the TITLE to see the Project Details page and VIEW to see the Documents Tab that lists sheets and sections by name.

Example Project List

Project Detail
By “clicking” on the Project Title, users will be able to access the PROJECT DETAILS page for complete project information.The default PROJECT DETAILS TAB allows users to review project information such as title, bid date and time, estimated cost, project location, project type, category of work, and scope of work.VIRTUAL NEWS subscribers are able to access other important information, including notes, time and locations for pre-bid meetings and site visits, detailed contact information for the project owner and design team, and a list of contractors who are bidding the project.
Example Project Details
Project Documents
The PROJECT DOCUMENTS TAB allows users to see the bidding documents in a folder view. Simply click on the folder title the folder will expand to show all documents in that folder.By clicking “Open All” or “Close All” on the folders and users may see Addenda / Specifications / Blueprint files. These files are named according to their original page title or section.

VIRTUAL NEWS subscribers do not have

the ability to view documents, however they will be able to order printed copies of the bid documents.

Example Documents Tab
Example Documents Tab
Upgrade your Subscription and Get Full Access 

VIRTUAL NEWS subscribers may upgrade their access by clicking on the “Subscribe to this Project” icon.

Users will be guided thru VBX’s secure ecommerce pages and receive FULL ACCESS to view the bid documents.   Click on the DOCUMENT TITLE to launch “ADOBE READERTM“, or select the IVS LITE or IVS PRO icons to measure, perform counts or print locally.

Those who choose to order printed copies of the bid documents may select the documents they are interested in and click the REVIEW PRINT ORDER button  Users will be guided through VBX’s secure ecommerce pages to have the print order fulfilled and ready for pick-up or delivery.

Batch Downloading to your PC is also available by selecting individual files or all files.  Click the DOWNLOAD SELECTED BLUEPRINTS or DOWNLOAD ALL located at the bottom of the page..


Example Document Viewer
Example Document ViewerExample Blueprint Order Form
Example Document Viewer



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