About Us

Photo was taken at the northwest corner of Granby Street and City Hall Avenue in 1910


Est. 1908

The Builders & Contractors Exchange was founded in 1908 and led by our first president, Mr. E. D. Hobbs “to bring the various branches of the construction industry closer in touch with each other.”  Today our objective to “bring about cooperation and a general uplifting of the business” has not changed.

Our Vision

We believe that our service, and the benefits we provide to the construction industry, make the Builders & Contractors Exchange vital to the continued success of the construction industry in the greater Hampton Roads area.

To ensure this success, the staff and Board of Directors of the Exchange, make every effort to develop and implement effective services relevant to the changes of the construction industry.

We are dedicated to serve the members of the Exchange with diligence, innovation, and quality teamwork.


Promoting a spirit of cooperation and good will among its members and among those participating in or interested in the construction industry.


Cooperating with other groups, associations, or professional societies existing or formed for like purposes.


Advising its members of new developments in the industry through the publication of a bulletin, through the securing of plans and specifications of new and proposed work, and in any other way that will assist its members to keep in touch with new and additional work.


Supporting legislation in the interest of the construction industry and the community; opposing legislation contrary to such interests.


Formulating and promoting policies and procedures regarding invitations for bids, bidding, and contracting which are in the best interests of the membership and the community.


Serving the various levels of government and the community with standing or special committees in matters wherein the special knowledge of its members can be of value, but not inconsistent with the aims of the Exchange.

Officers & Directors


PresidentMichael W. AndersonRiverside Brick & Supply Co., Inc.
First Vice PresidentSherri L. MilesJ.D. Miles & Sons, Inc.
Second Vice PresidentWilliam Gresham, Jr.E. T. Gresham Company, Inc.
Third Vice PresidentWilliam CrockerHoy Construction, Inc.
TreasurerDaniel J. GrygoHampton Roads Bonding
SecretaryEd JostOverhead Door Co. of Norfolk


One-Year Term

Jeff CashWarwick Mechanical Group
Jessie RichardsonBay Diesel & Generators
Michael L. SterlingVandeventer Black, LLP

Two-Year Term

Justin BallardS. B. Ballard Construction Co.
Brian StrangwaysIndependent Lighting Corp.
Morgan WellsConrad Brothers of Virginia, Inc.

PAST PRESIDENTS (Scroll down to see past Presidents, *Red Denotes Deceased)

Mary Thompson2019Alvin D. Davidson1990W. O. Sherman1961
Harry L. Davis III2018Robert H. Wells1989W. R. Maul1960
William E. Franczek2017W. Collins Gooch1988C. E. Thurston, Jr.1959
George G. Parker2016D. Leroy Spencer, Jr.1987R. Forrest Fowler1958
Jeff W. Knowles2015Roy E. Spears, Jr.1986R. C. Dorey, Sr.1957
R. Thomas Hitt, Jr.2014Harry L. Montgomery1985William A. Cox, Jr.1956
Ronald K. McIntosh2013Manning C. Merritt1984George H. Burton, Jr.1955
Michael F. Meehan2012Richard D. Tuttle1983R. R. Richardson1953-1954
James K. Shea2011William T. Armistead1982E. A. Haycox1951-1952
Robert H. Ashburner2010Jack G. Barr1981L. E. Dalton1950
Douglas L. Haislip2009Harold C. Hoy1980W.T. Gregory1948-1949
Don R. Johnson2008S. Norwood Richardson1979W. C. Whitehead1946-1947
Doyle A. Palmer2007James V. Powell, Jr.1978J. C. Stephens1944-1945
Kenneth F. Morris2006Richard W. Lynch1977J. T. Nichols1942-1943
B. Christopher Moring III2005Charles T. Lambert1976V. J. Mirabella1940-1941
Brian A. Geary2004Robert E. Kersey1975H. C. Hofheimer II1939
Mark J. Hourigan2003Walter P. Conrad, Jr.1974E. L. Whitehurst1937-1938
Robert M. Kirby, P.E.2002Walter L. Tucker, Jr.1973W. A. Garlette1935-1936
Johnnie L. Spencer2001Frank J. Hooks1972J. A. Hagan1933-1934
Alex J. Bradley III2000N. G. Wilson III1971J. J. Collins1932
Allan T. Sivils1999Donald D. Miller1970Ira Cahoon1930-1931
George H. Burton III1998Everette K. Wilson1969J. J. Shanahan1927-1929
William E. Chitty II1997William E. Chitty1968A. Lee Ribble1924-1926
E. G. Middleton III1996Lee B. Duke1967E. B. Griffin1921-1923
Richard C. Hudson, Jr.1995Marvin W. Lucas1966A. B. Consolvo1918-1920
James L. Craig III1994Stanley Waranch1965M. A. Williams1915-1917
R. Keith Hathaway1993E. George Middleton, Jr.1964E. L. Myers1912-1914
Elizabeth A. Twohy1992Rhea L. Walker, Jr.1963Perry W. Ruth
Robert H. McKenzie, Jr.1991J. Wesley Snow, Jr.1962E. D. Hobbs1908-1909