Member Benefits

Member Benefits

What does it take to win more? Better relationships, better insights, and the workforce to make it happen.

The Builders & Contractors Exchange is designed to deliver this and more to members. We report on over 2400 projects a year in Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. Our online plans room offers you networking capabilities with an extensive searchable database of General Contractors, Sub Contractors, and Suppliers.

Join now to quickly identify partners that meet contract criteria, level-up your workforce with essential in-person training, and even find out who you may be competing against in your next bid.

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  • Virtual Plan Room with real-time access to Projects
  • Training Opportunities
  • Social Networking Opportunities
  • Workforce Development Assistance
  • Daily Personalized Project Updates

Power of the Electronic Plans Room

  • Real Time Access to Projects across Virginia & N.E. North Carolina
  • Daily E-mail notification of new projects that meet your specifications, and addenda postings to your Tracked Projects
  • Bidders Listings
  • Identification of interested parties to Projects to include contact information
  • Project Documents broken down to your requirements
  • Project Low Bid & Award Data
  • Find or be Found as a Small, Minority, or Veteran Owned Company
  • Suppliers can identify that their products meet Project Specifications
  • Find Member Companies by Location, Specialty & Certification
  • Instant notification of changes to your Tracked Projects
  • Search for Sub-Contractorsth at meet your criteria by location, license or trade division
  • Track who views your projects
  • Set Search Filters to find specific bid opportunities by, type, size, keywords, trade,
    certification, region, county or city.


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Looking for qualified bids? Post your bid advertisement in the Virtual Plan Room.

Online Plans Room

Search our extensive database for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers. Find companies that meat SWaM, Disabled, Minority, Veteran and other designations. Network with contractors through project bid lists and visitors lists. Public and Private projects throughout Virginia and Northeast North Carolina are listed in our electronic plans room.


Search our Online Plans Room for projects in Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. Set filters for your type of work, track projects of interest and receive personalized daily updates when information changes.

General Contractors

Search our Online Plans Room for companies by trade, bid history, qualifications or project location. Submit your project to our Online Plans Room to reach qualified local subcontractors in Virginia.